First release (pre-alpha)


This is the very first step of a project that I had in mind for a long, long time, but that I never started to work on (in part because of my terrible ADHD symptoms)

Two days ago I discovered an amazing project, The Bibites, and somehow this was the spark I needed for me to start working on this. Today I'm presenting a very early-stage prototype of what I intend to do, while it's obviously inspired by The Bibites, the ideas I'm applying here predate my discovery of that project.

The main difference between these two projects (leaving aside the quality, since I'm a web developer with zero experience on games development) is the approach we take at the time of designing the simulation:

  • The Bibites started with animals and inanimate "plants/algae" that grow following a growing function, but basically indefinitely. Many "balancing" features have been introduced afterwards, when they were needed to support other cool ideas.
  • FakeLife intends to have closed resources cycles from the very beginning. I started modelling a minerals suspension with Brownian movement that is the basic resource used by algae to grow, they are already "alive", with genes to control their division process... animals (although not there yet) that eat algae will be a 3rd step.

I'm going to save the detailed explanations for a more specific post, but one thing I believe will be key to FakeLife is the closed resources cycles. For now, we have the cycle "minerals -> plants -> animals -> minerals (via excretion)", but I don't discard introducing other cycles once I manage to improve the simulation's performance.

That's it for today! Nothing fancy, but with any luck I'll have you waiting for more news :) .


FakeLife_0.0.1.x86_64 38 MB
Sep 22, 2022

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